Complesso di Santa Cristina

The Complesso di Santa Cristina “della Fondazza”, located at 2, Piazzetta Giorgio Morandi, was initially a monastery belonging to the Camaldolese nuns. It underwent refurbishment at the end of the 15th century, and it develops around a square cloister. The building is embellished with elegant decorations in the cloister and with a Crucifixion (fresco) by the school of Lorenzo Costa in the refectory. After the disappearance of the order of the Camaldolese nuns in the 18th century, the building was turned into barracks (1886). The city of Bologna acquired the complex in the 1990s, and after its renovation it was assigned to the University, hosting the Department of Visual Arts, the Zeri Foundation, the lecture rooms of the Degree in Political Sciences, the Biblioteca Nazionale delle Donne (Women’s Library), and the centre “Gina Fasoli” dedicated to the history of cities. Today, the building hosts part of the research and teaching activities of the Department of the Arts, as well as the I.B. Supino Library, located on the first floor. The study rooms of faculty members, hosted in what once were old cellars of the monastery, recreate the perfect atmosphere for reflection, while the external cloister is ideal for gatherings and discussions. The refectory, which has a direct exit on the cloister, has been transformed into an assembly hall.