Palazzo Marescotti Brazzetti

The elegant Renaissance building of Palazzo Marescotti is located at 4, Via Barberia. The building was designed by Giovanni Beroaldo on the ruins of ancient structures, and subsequently embellished with frescos by Rolli and Caccioli, and with the majestic baroque stairway by Gian Giacomo Monti. In fairly recent times, it also hosted the provincial headquarters for the Communist Party, as well as the Gramsci Institute and the newspaper “L’Unità”. In 1997, Palazzo Marescotti was acquired by the University of Bologna, to then host the Department of Music and Drama Studies. After exceptional renovation works, carried out between 2003 and 2007, today the building hosts part of the research and teaching activities carried out by the Department of the Arts and by the Music and Drama Studies Library. Tours for small groups can be organized.