C.R.I.C.C. - Centro di Ricerca per l'interazione con le Industrie Culturali e Creative

Codice progetto: Id: 776465

Programma: PRAP - Programma Regionale Attività Produttive 2012-2015 - Attività 1.2. Approvazione manifestazione di interesse per l'avvio di laboratori di ricerca nell'ambito delle Industrie Culturali e Creative

Call: Regione Emilia-Romagna POR-FESR  2014-2020

C.R.I.C.C. – Research Center for Interaction with the Creative and Cultural Industries of the University of Bologna aims to strengthen the regional production system and the economic development of the CCI sector by integrating research, digital and enabling technologies, creativity and culture.
A series of cross-disciplinary pilot projects will aim to develop new technological solutions to support the innovation of cultural and creative industries, with particular reference to the field of audiovisual activities (from music, to the performing and screen arts) and digital applications to culture; to explore transdisciplinary creative practices and associated creative and experimental methods, capable of generating new knowledge, new innovative production opportunities and business ideas to provide a multidisciplinary approach to the complex CCI sector.
The Research Center is in the process of finalizing agreements with the main Open Laboratories of the Emilia-Romagna region – spaces for creative collaboration between citizens, associations, businesses, research centers, institutions – in order to activate a system of initiatives and events to be replicated in each Open Laboratory to experiment and validate practices based on co-design activities.
Objective of the first 12 months of the C.R.I.C.C.’s project will be the creation of a of industrial research laboratory to be integrated into the regional High Technology network.

Durata del progetto
11.2019 – 10.2021

Department of the arts – DAR

Unibo Department:
Department of Architecture – DA
Department of Interpreting and Translation – DIT
Department of Life Quality Studies – QUVI
Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies – FICLIT

Budget totale: Eur 400.000,00
Budget DAR: Eur 112.087,00

Docenti e ricercatori collegati al progetto
Prof. Giacomo Manzoli
Prof.ssa Roberta Paltrinieri
Prof. Guglielmo Pescatore
Prof.ssa Anna Scalfaro
Dott. Giacomo Albert
Dott.ssa Elena Vai

Settore ERC del progetto
SH5 - Cultures and Cultural Production: Literature and philosophy, visual and performing arts, music, cultural and comparative studies
SH55 - Visual arts, performing arts, design