PRIN 2017; Team leader: Costantino Marmo

LiLeSC is a Research Project of Relevant National Interest, funded in the PRIN 2017 program, which aims at the cataloging and overall study of the manuscript fund of the ancient library of the convent of Santa Croce in Florence, through the reconstruction of the concrete forms and the environment intellectual in which the great classical, philosophical, historical, theological and biblical texts were read, studied, commented on and handed down in the period considered, from their foundation to the age of printing (13th-15th century).

These are almost 800 codices, currently preserved for the most part in the Laurentian Library and the National Central Library of Florence, ranging from biblical-theological texts to classics, from philosophical and historical works to those of fourteenth-century vernacular literature. A quantitatively and qualitatively very relevant heritage, but still too little investigated, of which we intend to reconstruct the physiognomy and real scope in Florentine culture between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. The Bologna Unit deals with the investigation of philosophical texts (in the fields of logic, ethics, natural philosophy and metaphysics), examining both the contents of the codes and their numerous glosses.