PRIN – F-ACTOR Forms of Contemporary Media Professional Acting. Training, Recruitment and Management, Social Discourses in Italy (2000-2020)

PRIN 2017 – Responsabile di unità locale: Luca Barra

The project “F-ACTOR” intends to investigate and map the multi-layered professional role of film and television actors within the contemporary Italian media scenario. The research starting point is the lack of knowledge on the functions, logics and professional routines of actors (and other related intermediaries) within a structured production and distribution supply chain. Accordingly, the project relies on a cutting-edge methodological framework, trying to conflate established performance studies, and stardom and celebrity studies, together with media production studies. The project tackles the pivotal connection between media performers and media industries through three interwoven fields of inquiry: (a) training; (b) management and recruitment; (c) media and social discourses acknowledging the role of professional performers. Thanks to a wide network of national and local institutions and other stakeholders, the project disseminates its outcomes as: conferences and papers at key events; publications in reference journals; an “Observatory on Italian Media Performer”, an OA online platform connecting academics and training, production and managing professionals and providing reports, data and interviews.

Unità di ricerca 

  • Università degli Studi di Udine: Francesco Pitassio (PI), Cristina Jandelli, Alberto Scandola
  • Università di Bologna: Luca Barra (responsabile), Sara Pesce
  • Università degli Studi di Torino: Mariapaola Pierini (responsabile), Giulia Carluccio, Alessandro Amaducci, Armando Petrini, Antonio Pizzo, Federica Mazzocchi
  • Sapienza Università di Roma: Emiliano Morreale (responsabile), Sonia Bellavia, Marta Marchetti