PRIN – La formazione del pubblico della musica d’arte in Italia dal Novecento a oggi

PRIN 2017 – Responsabile di unità locale: Nicola Badolato

The research project aims to investigate the formation of the audience of art music in Italy from the twentieth century to today, starting from two main lines: the historical perspective and the sociological investigation of the current situation. As far as the historical study is concerned, the research addresses the following points: 1) the birth of the modern notion of “audience education”, also with reference to gender aspects; 2) the role of educational institutions and other active bodies in the field of music education; 3) the roles of the media; 4) the contribution of the most remarkable personalities involved in education. As for the sociological aspects, the following points will be investigated: 1) the main characteristics of the present-day audience and their constitutive processes; 2) the institutions and social groups which can educate the musical audiences in Italy and/or influence their tastes; 3) the impact of artistic-musical lobby organisations. The aim is to illuminate both the roots and developments of the main issues affecting audience education policies today and to identify possible future interventions.

Unità di ricerca:

  • Università di Roma Tre: Luca Aversano (PI), Anna Lisa Tota, Milena Gammaitoni
  • Università di Bologna: Nicola Badolato (responsabile), Carla Cuomo, Giuseppina La Face, Anna Scalfaro
  • Università di Torino: Andrea Malvano (responsabile), Paolo Gallarati
  • Università di Catania: Maria Rosa De Luca (responsabile), Paolo Somigli (UniBz)